Q: Do I need to put a deposit down to book time?
A: Yes depending on the size of the project this can vary it is none refundable if you cancel
Q: Is there anything I need to know to get the best possible sound for my band?
A: Yes there are a few things that will help you get a great sound:
  • If you are guitarist / bassist or play any stringed instrument change your strings a day or two before you record and make sure the guitars intonation is correct. If you are unable to do this get it done by a professional or contact the studio as we also provide this service.
  • If you are a drummer make sure your cymbals aren't cracked and your skins are changed and tuned. Don't cover them with tape as its hard to get a good sound once there dampened in this way. If you are unsure about tuning please contact the studio as we provide this service and have plenty of experience at tuning drums.
  • Rehearse and practise as much as you can before you record, it will ensure your recording goes a lot smoothly. If you're a vocalist please don't wait until the last minute to write your lyrics. Make sure your happy with them before you record.
Q: Why don't you have a price list?
A: Most projects are different so it isn't really fair to give a flat rate. If you contact us we will give you a price for your own personal project.
Q: Can I use equipment that is at the studio to record?
A: Yes, we have a range of high quality instruments and equipment here for everybody to use when recording but the best place to start is always with your own instrument / equipment because that's what you're used to.
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The Distrakted
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